Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Gnomes of Rock City" now on sale!

Purchase it here for one dollar!

I also still have the original published version here, safe and sound.  There are some revisions in the epub version, so if you like what you see, you can purchase and compare.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My New Short Story Webstore

Here's a new experiment I thought I'd try out.

I've taken the stories I've published in various forms through the years and converted them to ebooks.  They are now on sale in the "My Writing" section of this blog.  The webstore service comes courtesy of Gumroad.  This has been in the works for about a month, as I revised each story (using Sigil to create the epub files) and designed each cover (with helpful tips from a friend at pre · poster · ous).  Now it's live, and I'm just hoping all the links and files work.

Now that this is up, I've taken down the link to the version of "No Different From Anyone Else" that I had on this site.  I just didn't think it represented my best work as well as the new ebook version does.  I'll probably leave "Gnomes of Rock City" up, though.

Right now, the catalogue includes:
  • "No Different From Anyone Else"
  • "The Tether"
  • "Perdition Lost"
  • "The End of the Rainbow, Starring..."
  • "Jo, the Bat, and the Cat"
  • "The Invisible Wall Outside the School"
  • "A Short Meditation on Death"
If you like them, be sure to share them on your social network of choice.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Short Story: "The Gnomes of Rock City"

I've published a new story on this site: "The Gnomes of Rock City".  It's my foray into completely fake and goofy articles.  In this case, it's based on good-natured ribbing of my hometown, its history, and its tourist traps.

And yes, this is the same Rock City as in American Gods.  It's pretty much exactly as Neil Gaiman describes it.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Time for another revamp

This weekend I went to Libertycon 27, where at one panel I heard about the importance of a writer's platform.  I decided it was time to once again steer this site in another direction.

With one exception, the stories I'd published on here are gone. You can now find links to my published fiction in the "My Writing" link above. "No Different From Anyone Else" is currently my only self-published ebook. I'd thought I was going to do more, but so far my other stories seem fine where they are. You'll also find that since my last update I've published a few more things, including fiction for Andy Keener's anthologies, A Light in the Dark and Smoke and Flame, and articles for my friend Chris Dortch's movie site Mise En Scenesters.

I also have a new links page that reflects more of my current tastes.

I've spent much of the last year and a half on new stories, as well as a few more drafts of my novel. The search for an agent has begun.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

"The Tether" now on Bradbury Quarterly!

The good folks at Bradbury Quarterly have published a revised version of "The Tether!"    You might be interested in the version I published here, but I'd honestly prefer you read the more up-to-date version.  Here's what the editor had to say about it:
Alex Scott gives us a new classic in “The Tether,” a heartfelt story of friendship between two boys reminiscent of Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade from Something Wicked This Way Comes.
A "new classic"!  Wow!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Whoa, another one.

And no sooner do I begin my foray into ebook publishing than I suddenly get another story accepted.

This time it's a fledgling zine from Berkeley called Imaginarium.  The story is a revision of Perdition Lost.

I can finally start writing substantive cover letters now!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"No Different From Anyone Else" Now on Smashwords!

Last summer, the good folks at Spaceports and Spidersilk published a revised version of "The iKid," called "No Different From Anyone Else," in their Fall 2012 update.  They've moved on to the next issue, so this is no longer online.  I figured, why let a good story go to waste?

Now you can purchase a copy of "No Different" at Smashwords (and I believe other ebook retailers, too) for only $0.99.  UDPATE (1/21/2013): Now on Amazon, too!

I should also mention that a revised version of the Tether is going to be published at Bradbury Quarterly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story Sketch: Mundane Batman

This is a thing I wrote as a prompt in my writing group, Drinkers for Writers.  If I remember correctly, the prompt was "Batman doing something mundane."

So read on to see Batman shop for textbooks.