Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story Sketch: Mundane Batman

This is a thing I wrote as a prompt in my writing group, Drinkers for Writers.  If I remember correctly, the prompt was "Batman doing something mundane."

So read on to see Batman shop for textbooks.

I sneak in through the vents.  The alarm system is weak.  Compared to the Joker's death traps, this is child's play.  Not even a security guard.

No lights on.  I turn on the night vision.  Not quite as clear as day, but it does the job.  Nobody asked me to do this.  It is my duty.

I take the schedule out of my utility belt.  Let's see.  This year, Tim has Criminal Justice, Calculus, Women's Studies, and Intro to Graphic Design.  I feel a knot in my stomach.  When Dick started college, I wasn't there to help him buy his books.  I could have gotten him better deals.  I won't let Tim down.

The math textbooks are close.  All I need is to check the prices.  His class doesn't just have one text, but an entire packet.  Three hundred dollars?  I may be rich, but this is too much.  There aren't even any used copies.  What a ripoff.

I check Criminal Justice next.  Tim has been Robin since he was twelve.  He's already learned more about the criminal justice system than any professor can teach him.  One does not throw the Mad Hatter back into Arkham for the fifteenth time without realizing something is deeply wrong.  I question the need for these classes, but I can't decide these things for him.  I'm relieved to find the books on the shelf are all used.  Even so, they're still around a hundred dollars.

Women's studies.  Five books, each one twenty dollars, except one that's fifty.  How can they extort people this way?  I take out my BatPod, leave a memo: investigate possible Penguin involvement.

Intro to Graphic Design.  Two hundred for the student edition of Illustrator.  Screw it.  The League has a copy on their computer.  If Tim needs it that badly, he can go there.